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Demystifying iPhone/iPad App Development: A Non-Technical Overview for Decision-Makers and Idea People

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Resources for follow-up

[This list also includes additional jumping-off points for further exploration of individual topics.]

How did we get here?

Microsoft Surface (parody; a peek into an 'alternate universe' of personal computing)
" 'Computer': Then & Now " (rough comparison, typical use case)

What is it …?

Apple - official iPhone specs
Apple - official iPod Touch specs
Apple - official iPad specs

iPhone RAM usage (orig/3G vs. 3GS)

Memory Info Lite (shows 'hidden' multitasking, under the hood)

How Developers Work

misc. programming terms ("C", "Objective-C", "Cocoa", "Cocoa Touch")

Agile Manifesto (birthplace of 'agile' development)
Scrum in Under 10 Minutes (detailed overview of 'Scrum' development methodology)
Subversion (NON-technical explanation of source code repository, versioning)
Command Guru (Internet "reality" show - 10 developers create an app in 1 week)

"Outsourcing" (chart of possible pros & cons of domestic/foreign)

Styles of Apps

iPad UI Conventions (gallery of screenshots of new iPad UI design patterns)

"Bacteria Bash" (iPhone game; demonstrating very simple use of Core Animation)

Getting Your Project Started

Apple docs
iPhone - Human Interface Guidelines
iPad - Human Interface Guidelines
"Product Definition Statement"

Designing the User Interface

Case Study: "Things" by Cultured Code

The Developer Sketchbook for iPhone Apps

Mobile Sketchbook & iPhone UI Stencil (translucent green UI stencil)

UIStencils - (stainless steel UI stencil)

"Getting Real" - Interface First - ("design the interface before you start programming")

OmniGraffle / OmniGraffle Pro (prototyping software)

"Graffletopia" - iPhone Stencil Kit ... plus other iPhone/iPad stencils

Teehan+Lax - Photoshop stencils for iPhone & iPad

Cocoia - iPhone/iPad icon design template

Zebra - #2 mechanical pencil  :)

Caveats about prototyping

NEW! - "Notepods" (special-purpose notepads for iPhone/iPad app prototyping)

"Hello, World!"

Hello, World! (various third-party demos; technical)


Apple - iPhone Developer Program (official site)

types of memberships - for the Apple Developer Connection (ADC)

the two halves of ADC ("Program Portal" vs. "iTunes Connect")

Apple - iPhone Developer Program - Enrollment - FAQ
(differences between Standard & Enterprise memberships)

Apple - iPhone Developer Program - Distribution (overview)

"Publishing on the App Store" (Apple - 1 hr. video; goes through entire process) *
ADC on iTunes > iPhone Development Resources > “Publishing on the App Store”

iTunes Connect Developer Guide (NON-technical: submission process, deliverables)

Mobile Orchard - iPhone Provisioning (screencast tutorial; technical)

"UDIDit" (example of provisioning ‘helper’ app)

Bulk Upload of UDIDs (Apple's tab-delimited text file format)
Apple - Program Portal - Devices ‘How-To’ (incl. bulk uploading of UDIDs) *

AppViz (Mac application to gather App Store statistics, reviews, etc.)

AppFigures (website service to do the same)

Resources for the Developer in You (or Your Company)

Apple docs
iPhone Application Programming Guide

Third-party books & related
Apress - "Learn C on the Mac" / "Learn Objective–C on the Mac" / "Beginning iPhone 3 Development", and more
Special 20% e-Book discount (good for one per order), with coupon code "POPMW10"
Manning - "iPhone in Action"
PragProg - various
also: "Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware"

CodeFab - Note: Special 15% discount on Developer training, with coupon code "POPMW10"
Edison Labs

Cocoa With Love
Cocoa Is My Girlfriend
Mike Ash ("Friday Q&A" column)

Macworld Conference & Expo
Apple - WWDC - WorldWide Developers Conference

User Groups
CocoaHeads (local, monthly)
NSCoder Night (local, weekly)

Parade of Progress: Objective-C / iPhone / iPad programming design template
(or at )

Action Items

iPhone - Human Interface Guidelines
iPad - Human Interface Guidelines
"Product Definition Statement"
iTunes Connect Developer Guide
[note: same links as appear above]

UPDATE - new link for: "This Week in iPhone & iPad News" (was formerly at Mobile Orchard, which still has a valuable archives)
"The Business of iPhone App Development" (new book from Apress)
MobilizedTV (high-caliber Mobile news; focusing on entertainment industry, monetization)
RoughlyDrafted (excellent analysis of Apple- & industry-related news)

Big Picture

"12 Waves of Media" (overview of major Communications media throughout history)

Sports Illustrated - tablet concept video
Bonnier/Berg - "Mag+" concept video #1
Bonnier/Berg - "Mag+" concept video #2

"MacVoices" Podcast ep. #1010:
... containing more extended discussions of:
"Brand Extension" - business model for App Store; and
"Big Picture": future of mobile computing

* Please note: some URLs above require login to the Apple Developer Connection website


Very Special Thanks to some wonderful people:

Chuck Joiner - MacVoices
Marcelo Lewin - Center for New Media Studies
Michael Rubin - PublicEarth
Alex Cone - CodeFab
David Hodge - Pandav
Jaime Cummins, Owen Rubin and Dave Wilson - Edison Labs
Paul, Kathy & the great folks at Macworld Expo



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